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Will the Small Teams Get More Money?

It has been contended for quite a while whether the little groups ought to get more cash to make due in F1. Presently reports have it that the little groups: Force India, Sauber and Lotus have kept in touch with F1 manager Bernie Ecclestone to request a decent amount of the game’s extensive incomes after they neglected to gain any ground in chats with Ecclestone at the last two races.

The letter was sent to look for a gathering at this present end of the week’s season-finishing race in Abu Dhabi. Duplicates were sent to rights holders CVC, International Automobile Federation (FIA) president Jean Todt and group principals.

“To our greatest advantage and for a maintainable eventual fate of the game, we ask for you, together with alternate partners, to actualize a more evenhanded appropriation,” Bob Fernley, Force India appointee central, said in the letter.

Moreover, in the letter, there were worries over Formula One transforming into a two-level game separated amongst constructors and those utilizing ‘client’ frame or expanded ‘Super GP2’ autos.

“A two-level framework must be viewed as a shallow vision,” said the letter. “It is obvious that the present advancements are significantly diminishing the estimation of Formula One and hugely undermining its notoriety for being a game.”

Nonetheless, the reality of the matter is that F1 is sorted out monetarily and to pick up whatever number backers and gathering of people as could be expected under the circumstances is unquestionably in require. What’s more, with respect to this, there is almost certainly that the enormous groups, for example, Ferrari can contribute more to the game. In this way, its getting a greater offer of the assets is very sensible.

The specific issue lies in that the little groups have insufficient cash to go through to rival the enormous groups now and their second rate positions make it more troublesome for them to get supports, in this manner even less cash, making an endless loop.

In addition, from Ecclestone’s point of view, asking more cash from F1 is completely outlandish. What’s more, he more than once focused on that the little groups are to be faulted for their money related emergency and he additionally encouraged them to take after ordinary business course and control their financial plan.

“They’ve an agreement they marked. They know precisely what they marked and how much cash they would get,” he said.

“These groups don’t should be stuck in an unfortunate situation. They have to consider what they must spend and do as well as can be expected with that.”

Furthermore, he even contrasted F1 with a poker diversion. He stated: “The truth of the matter is, to be super aggressive you’ve clearly got the opportunity to stay aware of the others so you need to spend, in any case. You are not going to win races for as little as possible. On the off chance that they lack spending that enables them to spend they will in the end vanish. It resembles a poker diversion; in the event that you lack cash, on the grounds that there are enormous merchants in there, don’t play the amusement. ”

Indeed, from the realities we said above, it isn’t likely that the little groups will get help from Formula One Group. Also, regardless of whether they can make due for the following couple of years is still yet to know.

As elite dashing darlings, we can just wish them a good fortunes.