Auto Racing – The Two Main Types

In America, as well as other parts of the world such as Europe, few activities offer as much thrills and exhilaration’s as auto racing, the sport of fast cars zooming around a track to the delight of thousands. Every year, millions of people worldwide turn on their televisions to watch auto racing, or travel hundreds of miles to famous locales like Talledega and Indianapolis to see these races live. This article briefly explains the two main types of auto racing in America today.

The first type is stock-car racing, or auto racing that uses the stock editions of automobiles to race around an oval track. NASCAR is the most well-known, professional version of this sport and is immensely popular in the South as well as other parts of the country. Stock cars used in this form of racing are built on standard factory editions and are usually limited to certain speeds for safety. As mentioned, they are raced on oval-shaped tracks in races that usually last anywhere from 200 to 600 miles in duration. Stock-car racing is the most popular form of auto racing in America.

The second type of racing, one that is more popular in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, is called single-seater racing. Formula One racing in the United States is perhaps the most well-known variant of this type, one that features production model racers built low to the ground with the sole purpose of performance. The cars are noticeably different in that they usually have slender bodies, large hydrofoils, and open wheels, which help to make them more maneuverable on average than a stock car. These are also raced on tracks that curve and wind far more than the oval tracks in stock-car racing.

Regardless of their differences, there is one thing that is certain: Auto racing is enormously popular and is here to stay. Both types offer excitement and a rush of adrenaline to their fans and drivers alike and will remain popular for decades to come. So if you haven’t checked out a race recently go ahead open up your wild side today!